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Investigation and analysis of the future fastener industry demand

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By the promotion of China's equipment manufacturing industry continues to promote and accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading, the demand for fasteners is also increasing. It also increased to a certain extent to the fasteners used special steel demand to play a role in promoting.

The current domestic and international fastener products are about more than 40 thousand species, is mainly used in the automobile industry, machinery manufacturing industry, electronic industry, construction and maintenance industry etc.. Among them, the automotive industry is the largest user, its demand accounted for about 23% of the total sales of fasteners; second is the maintenance of industrial market and the construction industry, the demand for fasteners accounted for about 20% of total sales; third is the electronics industry, the demand about chief analyst Luo Baihui 16.6%. Jinmo net total electromechanical fastener sales points out: the rapid development of automobile, wind power, construction, manufacturing, high-end equipment, new energy and other industries, and promote China's demand for fasteners. The future, China's fastener demand will continue to be in the stage of rapid growth, but also led to the development of the fastener industry.

For the fastener manufacturing industry is mainly steel cold heading steel wire rod. In recent years, China's steel industry to increase the development of fasteners with steel. It is shown that the current state-owned Baosteel, Baotou Steel, Xiangtan Steel, Shougang, nearly 40 iron and steel enterprises in the production of cold heading steel, some steel grades have been close to or reached the international advanced level. There are a number of steel mills and fastener industry to establish a cooperative relationship, the formation of wire rod for cold heading of China's industrial cluster.

With the development of China's fastener manufacturing industry to the production of high-end products, a higher demand for fasteners made of steel. Such as petrochemical equipment fasteners, mainly used for high-pressure containers, all kinds of cylinders, tanks and other equipment, its characteristics are to contact with acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive media, to withstand the test of a variety of harsh environment.

The development and production of fastener used in China started late, but it can not completely meet the needs of the domestic fastener production, and can not meet the demand of export. According to the requirements of steel fasteners fasteners industry, iron and steel enterprises to increase efforts in the development of cold heading steel, R & D of high strength and high heat resistance and high formability of cold heading steel fasteners to meet increasingly stringent mechanical requirements.

Research Report: during the period of 2013 and the "12th Five-Year", with excellent steel fasteners great potential market. Expected in 2013, China's fastener production and sales will be more than 7 million 200 thousand tons; by 2015, China's fastener industry market size will be close to 200 billion yuan. Thus, the fasteners used in the production of special steel demand will continue to rise.



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