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How to install expansion hooks

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In daily life, you will use a lot of items, and the role of these items can be large or small, but in any case, the items must be comprehensive. If you need an item very much, the item is missing In the latter case, there is no way to think about the later issues, and some people choose to install the hook in order to make things more convenient, so how to install the expansion hook? What are the types of bathroom hooks?

How to install the expansion hook

Use an electric drill to drill holes where the expansion screw hooks need to be installed. Note that the holes should be drilled in the same way as the expansion screw hooks. After inserting the expansion bolts, use a wrench to turn the hex nut tightly and tighten it to a certain degree according to the actual requirements. The expansion screw at the rear will open and pull the wall, so that the expansion screw hook is installed.

First Select an electric hammer drill bit that is 2mm larger than the expansion bolt model (plastic expansion pipes need the same size drill), and the depth is suitable for the length of the expansion pipe.

Second Insert expansion bolts.

Third Select the appropriate tool to tighten the bolt according to the type of bolt.

1.Ordinary expansion bolts: Use dead-end wrenches or live-end wrenches.

2.Metal expansion bolts: Use dead-end wrenches or adjustable-end wrenches or Phillips screwdrivers.

3.Plastic expansion tube: Use a Torx screwdriver to fasten to a certain degree according to actual requirements.

What are the types of bathroom hooks

1. Hook, Xiaobian thinks that the most suitable area is the porch. We can install a small hook on the edge of the door. This allows you to hang bags, coats, keys, etc. when you go home, which is very practical and convenient. In terms of styling, it is mainly based on the wooden bird, with branches and hooks, which is very creative. The overall design is lifelike. The material can be iron or environmentally friendly resin.

2. The hook made of solid wood is also the new fashion darling. This small solid wood hook is shaped like a tree branch and also has a wooden texture. It has a very good texture. Many people will doubt its robustness, don't worry, it uses 3M strong double-sided adhesive. Antler-shaped branches are fresh and natural, which is very suitable for Japanese style, modern and simple decoration style.

3. If you want to have a big idea, then this one will definitely satisfy you. Today's third model belongs to the type of refurbishment. The rear bark is used as the main material, and its original appearance is only slightly modified. It is only necessary to punch holes at the bottom to insert wooden columns, which is not only beautiful but also practical, and emits a faint fragrance, which makes people have a good mood when they commute to and from work every day. They have low requirements on the wall surface and a lot of matching decoration styles.

4. In addition to the wall, the doorway is also a good choice. This rendering shows us the strength behind the door. The design of this hook is actually very simple, solid wood board + five metal hooks. Water-based paint was also painted on the surface to enhance the texture. There is no formaldehyde pollution, and even children or elderly people at home can use it with confidence. The metal hook is made of zinc alloy, which has extremely high toughness and strong bearing capacity. There is no problem in hanging normal bags and windbreakers. As for which door is set, of course, it is the bedroom door.



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